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Los Angeles

We’ve added a second live show in Los Angeles at the El Rey for the evening of April 9.

Tickets will go on sale Saturday, February 11 at 10am PST on Ticketmaster. There will be a 2 ticket limit per person and the entire show will be forced will call–meaning you will need to present your credit card and ID to pick up your tickets the night of the show, then you and your guest will immediately enter the venue.

We have put these ticket buying measures into place so as to protect as many real garbage fans as possible. We want our fans be able to get tickets for as reasonable a price as possible. NOT the scalpers. Unfortunately we don’t have a solution to the scalper problem but these measures should help protect our fans.

But remember……….these measures don’t guarantee you a ticket! We have not played in 7 years and as a result our shows are selling very fast.

Good luck. Thanks for everything.


UPDATE: Here is the ticket link for Saturday morning:

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    Can I just say… I love you. Even tho I can’t...still, FUCK THE SCALPERS.
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    This is cool that they wanted to do something to combat the scalpers, but kinda hurts those of us that got our tickets...
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