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When we told our friend and legendary video director Sophie Muller about our upcoming duet with Brody Dalle for Record Store Day , she sent us over a brilliant photo she had taken of graffiti she had stumbled upon in a women’s toilet somewhere in London. We loved it so much we decided to use it for the 10” artwork. 

We hope it captures your imagination the same way it did ours because we would love to see more amazing, cool , funny or memorable graffiti that you fans might have discovered from all around the world. In the past you have inspired us so much with your creative output so we are starting a contest!!

Please send over a photo of your favorite graffiti (graffiti should already be in existence…PLEASE do not destroy private property for the sake of this contest!) and we will pick 1 winner who will win one 10” vinyl of “Girls Talk”, one poster and one t-shirt of their choosing from our official merch webstore.

We will start taking photo submissions today at (simply click the SUBMIT button). When submitting, please include your email address in the caption section so we know where to reach you if you are the winner. We will post our favorite photos on and on April 11th we will announce the winner.  

Oh…and we forgot to mention….the winner will receive their copy of “Girls Talk” before the official release date of April 19th (Record Store Day)….as in before everyone else in the entire world!

Thank you so much. And good luck.


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